Wednesday, March 4, 2009

People people people

So, I never really got into blogging along the way that many of my brilliant friends have. I've seen, read and discovererd many beautiful and exciting things through blogs. (get a late pass D!) i know, but here I am now, blogging and stuff and things.
It's been years but I've been writing again. I fell into an opportunity to perform at Foxwoods a two weekends ago but not for what I've been doing the last 7-8 years which is singing and rapping with the band but for poetry. People that know me from yester-decade are aware that I spent the last few years of the 90's as a stand-up poet. It was a grand time. My time spent there was somewhere post Jessica at the Apollo but pre-Slam (the movie) that is... An odd time to come around because so many were in transition figuring a way to survive and grow with the craft. I was fortunate to be surrounded many great and talented people like the legendary Tish Benson, Pierre Bennu, B. Polite, Micah Lee, Carmen Renee Thompson, Brad Walrond, DL Hartley, Jasiri, Sol, Mums, Saul, all of 2nd to last poets (to be clear) and many others, were all great inspirations to me. In fact it was a workshop with Tish, Pierre, Kwame Brandt-Pierce, and Jamyla Bennu that I often credit for pointing me into the direction that made me the artist I am today. It was an eye opening experience in expression.
What happened at Foxwoods was an awakening of sorts, in a Lazarus way... Since then, I've been writing again and finding a new voice to express many of the things I've been dealing with in life, in this recession, in not being in my 20's anymore, in engagement, in mountain highs and valley lows. I thought it best to start some sort of a forum to share these expressions and my fiance' suggested this so here I am. I look forward to posting some of the writings I've been pouring out since the dawn of this.


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