Monday, March 16, 2009

four artist I love that you should know and why

Sweetcheeba -
Visually this dude has created some of the best T-shirts I've seen in my life!!! He's a brooklyn based designer with a creative eye that translates through generations of style and appeals to the public, in person in a way I've never seen anyone do so. He should really be on TV, like yester-year. Everybody loves this cat and his work. He has a spring line launching 3/17/09 (with a smirnoff sponsor) so if you're in town, check the flyer on his page for details. Heads up! he's got a pretty slick blog too.

3beanstew -
a definite favorite of mines. He's ever evolving and hasn't even shown you all that he has to offer. He's writes amazing shorts and is producing a radio-stage show for the spring while touring with Saul Williams, along with the 3beanstew theatre company where he travels to libraries and public schools presenting a kick-ass puppet show shaping the future.

Wrekonize -
I was in Miami with Jean when these guys were shooting the video for the cut with DJ Idee and on the way back he played us this cut called "Fugitive". I kid you NOT when I say this tune stayed in my head for MONTHS! He had to send it to us and we let it rock till the bandwidth popped!

Tasha West -
for more than a decade she's been creating spiritually based and astrologically inspired jewelry for some very fortunate fort green consumers and many celebrities, (Erykah Badu, Andre 3000, Common, Derrin Maxwell *ha* just checking to see who's reading). She recently was presented with the opportunity for space at Anthropologie @ 50 Rockefeller Plaza NYC location and sold out damn near over the weekend! Kick-Ass! She's also a marvelous painter and illustrated Common's children's book series, may of which can be found on Amazon.

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